Right, let's focus. Brain; Ladies & Gentlemen this is mambo number 5 ...

This is so me. When I am focused and on it for a project there is no stopping me, but shiny object syndrome gets the better of my attention span! I have found lots of little strategies that prevents me from procrastinating.

Tip One - plan the shit out of your workload/day/event/month - however it works for you - plan it and be realistic. Don't put pressure on yourself with too many tasks (and for some of you, that will increase procrastination traits.)

Tip Two - F O C U S, nothing stops the most laser focused person in their tracks like an email notification, a friendly message on facebook.

Embrace airplane mode. Switch off your notifications, even if just for one hour, nothing terrible will happen in just one hour, the world will tick along without you immediately answering emails and the ability for you to focus will be remarkable.

Tip Three - get outside! If you work inside, particularly if you are sat at a desk, set your alarm for every 45 minutes. When that alarm goes off, get up and try and go outside. If you work from home save your chores to do every 45 minutes; washing out, tumble drier on.

Save telephone calls for time you don't have to be sat at a computer, focus on the call and come away from the screen.

Walk and talk for meetings, being outside or on the move and standing side by side with someone changes the conversation style. Try it out! Just be breaking up your day, you will become more productive instead of festering and being indecisive!

Tip Four - There was a study a few years ago on procrastination styles, did you know there

are quite a few different traits and styles? Do you know which you might be? Download the helpful guide, have a look at the little quiz and get a few actions from the plan to change your procrastination life!

No no no! Don't do it later! Do it now!!