Sweeeeet Caroline, Bam bam bam ....

What an EPIC week! Since my little (giant) puppy (dog) crashed into the back of my legs on Saturday morning, you'd THINK I'd have taken it easy but oh no no no .....

Whaaaat???? Rewind to Saturday morning, out in the cage part of the field with the dogs, running like a FOOL to try and get them moving a bit and unbeknown to me, Rowlf and Deefer come crashing SPECTACULARLY into the backs of my knees - TOTAL wipeout. Clattered my back and skull and lay on the floor looking up at birds and stars ....

Rowlf the tiny 65+kilo Dog that had a small crash with me omg

All I can see is my husband running (RUNNING!!) to my aid and all that is going through my head (and subsequently straight out of my mouth as I'm helped up) is 'OH MY GAWD! How CLEVER are our bodies? My neck LITERALLY tensed up to protect my head from splitting open on the hard floor..... '

To my hubs amazement (out of breath from the running but definite gawking from amazement) I was in one piece and bounced fairly well. There was a p-r-e-t-t-y big skid mark (on the ground not in the pants obvs) so I travelled well and I know it would have been worth a cool quarter of a thou in times gone by for that old tele programme on ITV with Harry Hill.... (kids, look at google, not EVERYTHING is run via Youtube...)

Fast forward to Sunday and other than a bit of whiplash I am fine, still chuckling over my ability to bounce back - literally.


I've met some incredible people this week IN ACTUAL FOR REALS LIFE! I love variety in my life and wow have I got it, by Weds I had put the world back in its place with a SUPERB graduate I am working with and demonstrated (actual in person) a winners running pose as you come over the line that you do on a treadmill in the gym - to prove that actually no one is watching you and actually being out of comfort zone an be super fun and wow do you grow. (Picture it now - me in Coffee#1 in Dorchester cheering myself with my arms high above my head demonstrating how you do it when you're next at the gym.... ) Yep, she laughed. I can safely say we built rapport and I am super excited to work with her.

I spent one of my evenings with well just about one of the most gorgeous, intelligent and funny people I have the privilege to know. We were all up for setting some goals and accountability for maintaining a healthier lifestyle - including using smells as anchors - I'm hoping she doesn't use the rubbing the smell on your hands and putting them to your face' instruction with deep heat (as we did mention that holds memories for her haha!).

My lovely Nan

I was working out what smells anchor me in terms of memories, my most chilled and happiest comes from tobacco and bacon cooking - the most AMAZING smell of my childhood weekends at my Nan and Grandad's house in Ware.

No one I know smokes now (and it's not REALLY the done thing to run around behind people eating bacon sandwiches with a pipe .....) so I don't get to smell it often but on those glimpses I do at pubs or hotels, wow it brings back fine times..... what is your go to comfort smell?


This week my son turned 16 - he is already taller than me, cockier than me, more laid back than me, stronger than me and generally a superb human so I'm claiming a bit of awesomeness there in how we've tackled everything through life together. Of COURSE I posted a bah-jillion photos of him online and now, according to the teen, "everyone has seen the photo of me with my jeans down and pants showing" (tee hee gotta love the socials! I mean of course EVERYONE has seen it ...)

Finally got back to the gym this week (with the Hubs, first time in FIFTEEN YEARS! NO WAY!) so I was a super happy lifting person - I ran, rowed, stair-mastered (obvs the right describing word) and generally got sweaty in the name of well-being both for my physical and mental health. You DO NOT have to work to a schedule if you don't want to - you could walk, download a bit of yoga, literally LAYONTHEFLIPPINGFLOOR and watch the clouds go by... anything you can do for your mind in this CRAZY thing called life is good for you and your SOUL!

Today - the most AMAZING lunchtime live with a colleague at Hello Day - he is the empowerment manager - I mean what a bloomin good title! I got right in there and thoroughly enjoyed an Insta TV live with him asking him what importance nutrition plays in our lives, why we don't wear flip flops at christmas and other gems of insight from my head and logic ... feel free to watch it!

I'm a keen 'supplementor' (get it?!) since painfully low mineral absorption this summer left me like a low level zombie but I can FEEL the energy coming back now.... (uh. oh.). I LOVE being a Wellbeing Mentor and doing free consultations for people on their whole self health and wellbeing!


I forgave him :)

And my Friday evening is filled to the brim with goodness - got a play date at the park in an hour, kids have come home from school happy - no#3 has come home singing a bit of Neil at the top of her lungs - and now it's stuck in my head as an ear worm and probably will be until Sunday ... well a couple of lines of it are .... #ifyouknowyouknow and as I can overhear the puppy getting a pep talk about 'making good decisions' I think I will go investigate and MAYBE I'll share the pot noodle on the ceiling shenanigans from lunchtime another day.

Be well, have fun, be that person cheering themselves over the finish line on the treadmill in the gym this weekend #youareawesome !