Create your ideal customer

Ever wondered why you have an amazing product, great feedback and are still under used or under on sales targets?

You've spent time developing your target market, working out your niche area, probably designed a logo and know which social media platform you want to dominate.  One of the things I experience from the individual business to the large corporations, is that people just don't spend enough time 'niching down' or creating a customer avatar.

I recently used this handy 12 question guide to remind a team that you need to know WHO you are working towards, WHO you speak to in your advertising, WHO and WHERE they are in order to perfect an ideal, laser focused strategy to sell more to your ideal customer.

Download your 12 questions and take a look at this completed example for an investment bid for a parenting franchise I have recently worked on.

When you have got your avatar, stick it up in front of your desk, on your fridge, anywhere you will see it regularly, talk about them by name in your team or planning meetings and really bring the persona alive.


Guide to Blogging

Anyone who has taken part in one of my blogging workshops knows my top tips - finding your voice to blog is the first step and I guarantee you'll have loads of ideas right now... but what happens when the ideas dry up?

Any what if no one reads your blog? What if nobody cares?  Writing your blog is one thing, marketing it is a whole other process.  So for now, settle now and work through the handout - practise what you learned if you took part in a workshop, and don't forget to tag me in any of your blogs, I LOVE to read them.

Enjoy putting pen to paper and sharing your true authentic self, read more here.

Helpful Handouts

How to stop the procrastination! 

Your guide to check out what your style of causing the pause on productivity and what steps you can do to help yourself. 

Set your Goals with G R O W 

Use these helpful sheets to prompt your thinking and questioning around yours and others goals.

Question sheet

Answer sheet

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