Personality into perspective

Right then - you have completed the quick test and are intrigued, you've spotted some words that sound like you but you want to know more - TELL ME MORE!

We are human correct? And as humans we are a whole mixture of experiences, beliefs, ideals, impulses and styles (and as if we aren't complex enough, we add in intensities -but that's another article!)

To help you work out your style, I've broken down the dimensions of the personalities into perspective - so do your test and check this out -> ->

Ok, so what you already know... each of us is made up of a mixture of four behavioural styles, these come from intrinsic motivators and shape our drivers, decisions, styles - you know why some of us are confident on a stage, throwing our arms around while we talk, animating everything, never finishing one story before we have launched enthusiastically into another and always forgiven for the chaos because we are charismatic and genuine?

(Remind you of anyone ha ha! Present company excepted obviously!!)

Little chart to remind you of the way the four styles work in a quadrant ...

Example - if you are generally task focused over people focused (so get it done then think about people after), assertive, the whole 'get it done' kind of gives that away, don't care much for detail and are determined. The kind of person you want negotiating your house purchase price - probably talks a lot with pointing ... you can picture it right?! Then you are probably a D style preference.

As the observant of you will have spotted if you've flicked through my profile, there are a few graphs which show the intensity of each of the traits or preferences which impact our communication and leadership style too - it's a very complex thing but I explain it to you clearly and if you don't go away with a better understanding of yourself by the end then I may as well grab a boat and become a pirate.

Now you've had your reminder, and getting to the entire point of this blog (I know, bit of my I coming out this morning!) here's a super little table to help you get some more headlines about your style now you've done your quick test.

If you are super interested to learn more about yourself, your styles and interactions and how you might change these up to benefit you in life, family or business, I do a one off session or you can grab a package to really thrive! The thing I LOVE the most (being a D/I personality) is that the profile assessment is done online and you get the link by return of booking and I don't dilly dally with your one to one because I am DESPERATE to have a whole WORLD of super self aware leaders and people around me! Awesomeness!

D's and I's - here's your link to book your profile assessment.

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