It's all about the intensity

Us humans are complex beings - but that's what makes us all unique and so fascinating. When was the last time you really thought about what makes you, YOU? And how do you know that? What do you notice about yourself and they way you do things?

When I do group work, often in certain sectors the high level profiles of individuals in a team are the same, so in the social care sector you tend to see a lot of S style leaders and in the finance sector a lot of C styles.

Ok let's take that example, why S style in social care? Well let's work it out - what do we know GENERALLY about motivations to join the social care workforce, I often hear the following statements,

"I want to make a difference in people's lives"

"I had a crappy time growing up and don't want that for others"

"I am good at listening to people"

"I want to care for others"

'I want to change lives"

A quiet, reflective person, very people focused, attentive to others' needs, great in teams, listens to others, follows direction.

When I look more deeply at the teams I work with through their full profiles it's true there are some high level similarities but the MOST AMAZING thing I love about DISC assessments is the three graphs that determine your intensity in the behaviours. So yes, Ethel down the road might be a SIC profile and you might be too, but her S might be INTENSE, where as your differences are minimal, meaning you would be motivated differently and react differently even though you are the same.

Let me help explain but if you want ALL THE DETAILS - grab yourself a profile, it's super easy (takes SEVEN minutes to complete, you think of your self in one environment only (you get all three environments but stay focused on one when you complete it) and I'll shout you for a debrief within a couple of days of receiving your HUGE report.

Behaviours are made up of intensities of the four styles, the DISC graphs helps you to see these more obviously and is great for visual learners. Once you have completed the online assessment you get your report and you'll see lots of information - I help you interpret this and learn more about your self.

A quick lesson here though in intensities, points above the midline of the graph are STRONGER intensity, points below the midline are LESSER intensities of the DISC characteristics.

The under pressure graph gives us an indication of how you might respond under pressure - often the intensity of the behaviour increases - like if you are a D style. Imagine a decisive D with an upcoming deadline which someone has just said won't be reached, unlikely they reduce intensity of their dominant characteristics!

What do you think happens to you under pressure? Let me know, take the quick test and make a start on self discovery!

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