Leadership - Style it Out!

Oh the world is full of Leaders, and never more so has the world been watching our Countries leaders decision making profiles, presentation styles than in recent months.

I am an extroverted, influential leader. I make bold decisions and sometimes forget about the detail, I love to have a chat and know how your kids are, but equally won't hesitate to help you understand how something could be better.

How the chuff do I know and how dare I be so self proclaiming to KNOW myself so well eh?? Through years of reading, learning and testing my styles, learning about myself and learning about how others' traits 'push my buttons' or not quite inspire me whatsoever. But the other major factor here is, intrinsically I know my traits, styles and preferences, I know how I will behave on a good day. So I therefore also know how I will behave on #nofilterfriday which is when I am tired, starting to wear the patience and maybe not as focused on getting the best results from those around me, because, oh my word! I am H U M A N!

But by knowing them and recognising these traits, I can own it and do something about it.

When you know, you know...

Yes we all get that gut feeling about someone when we meet them, those first few moments of interaction leads us to fly high with energy or saps us of all of our will to live (and anywhere in-between correct?)

But why? As any self respecting toddler would want ask, WHY?

If you have followed me for a while or worked with me, you'll know how much I focus on our behaviours and self awareness. For true performance in team organisations, people must not just comply with workshops and development sessions, but should take every single little drip drop of opportunity to truly learn about themselves when they work with mentors or supervisors. (Good mentors and supervisors would be useful HOWEVER crappy ones also help you learn a HUGE amount about yourself #justsaying)

Example - my leadership style is D, I, C - I know there's another acronym (yes, yes, laugh it up now). But this means that I am Dominant, Influential and Cautious in that order as my traits play out. Doesn't mean I can't be all the things S brings, but it means they take more of my energy... refer back to #nofilterfriday, case in point).

So I would be described in my leadership style thus:

Visionary thinker

Genuinely motivated to win

Confident, bold and daring

Meets challenges head on

Charismatic and influencing

Great communicator

Optimistic, encouraging and eager

Not afraid to be different

Excel at planning and analysis

Diplomatic and logical

Well researched and well reasoned

Highly disciplined and skilled executor

Well that sounds like a bloomin' good example of leadership traits if you ask me, and also, is very much like my style so I do recognise myself in there.

What I won't be very good at or at least I might APPEAR to come across as, intimidating, unorganised, difficult to meet my high standards and so on...

So all of us can lead, all of us can learn to be better leaders, learn where our triggers are, where others' triggers might be and how we can use that knowledge to be BETTER. The more knowledge we have, the more flexible we can be and the more FLEXIBLE we are, the more likely we will survive whatever the world throws at us next! (I am seriously out of ideas I don't know about you?)

If you have done the quick DISC test I provide you, either through the website link or (because you literally can't get enough of this amazeballs content) have signed up to the email newsletters and resources then you can compare your preferred DISC style to the generalised (VERY generalised) leadership traits below. Sign up here immediately if you haven't already.

A full profile report for DISC is about 15 pages long and the leadership aptitudes profile another few pages PLUS you get a great couple of sessions with me to interpret it - find out where the flamin' nora you are sitting as a leader and we work out a way to get you where you want to be for the future.

Now REMEMBER! We are all a unique mix of all the styles. Any strength that is overused can become a weakness (yes I used the word weakness... ) To be the most effective leader you can be will require you to have AWARENESS of your strengths and limitations. I can give you more, personalised reports and full profiles which really will unlock your thinking!

Do the test, tell me in the comments, what is your top style preference? What is your personality saying about your leadership?