Golden Goals

Happy 2020! Have you got your goals aligned yet? Repeat after me, 'My dream life, career ad income is completely possible. I have a plan and have set it in motion. I am going to make it happen no matter what.'

It's that time of year where we set our new year resolutions, but what about business, leadership, life? Successful people are goal oriented, they set a path and stick to it, make measured steps, take risks and develop action plans to meet their goals without drift. Have you got focus and direction?

Rule 1

Motivational goals help you stay connected

Having goals you don't care about are pointless goals, they are hard to achieve, hard to maintain and often fail. What value does your goal add to your ultimate aim? Either in business, leadership, team etc.To make sure your goal is motivating, write down why it's valuable and important to you. Share it with someone else, how do you describe it when they ask why you have set that goal for yourself.

Rule 2


S- Specific - woolly goals will not help you define and see the change you seek

M - Measurable - how much, percentage, ££, what will change

A - Achievable - if your goal is too far or unreachable, you won't attain it and you're at risk of feeling de-motivated.

R - Relevant - make sure goals are relevant to your ultimate aim

T - Time Bound - put a deadline! They must have one! Then you know when you can celebrate success!

Rule 3

Write it Down!

You transfer the ideas from your brain to paper and this makes your gaols tangible and real.

Rule 4

Make a Plan

Don't miss this step, we are often so focused on achieving the outcome we forget about the steps to get there, write your goal at the top of a to do list and keep it in mind as you list your steps.

Rule 5

Stick at it

Goal setting is a cycle, you achieve one and reach for the next, you need to make sure your goals serve you, still motivate you and give you purpose.

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