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Who Am I?

A passionate professional and Mum of 3 children, a teenager, pre-teen and nearly pre teen who thinks she is a teen - I drink a LOT of coffee! Since the pandemic, by day I work for the NHS, the local Commissioning Group providing Programme Management and oversight plus coaching and mentoring support for health and social care professionals.  By night and online I have a private coaching practice supporting people to focus on themselves, aspirations and to be happier.

My own journey to now

After years of working as a Leader in Children's and Mental health support services, I set up Chesil Infinity after several years of reflection and a spotlight on my own journey.  My Masters focused on transformation theories, since then I've qualified as a coach (specialising in education, family and leadership), an NLP Practitioner, Child Psychology, Mental Health First Aider and Counselling & Psychotherapy.

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8 Elements Coaching

Coaching across our whole selves to ensure you give yourself the best chance of success.

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A pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.

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Why work with me?

Coaching and mentoring people over the last year has been focused on survival, not thriving.  When you are faced with trauma and emotional impact, coupled with additional pressures at home, expectations of others, time limitations - it all builds up.

I have recently developed a bespoke coaching programme called 8 Elements, backed up by my knowledge and experience, it will give you the best focus on all areas of your life. 

We can truly assess and understand where you want to be in your future and how you might get there.  I can't force you, but I can remind you how awesome you are. I can shine a light on your strengths and use tools and methods which will sharpen your saw and your mind.

My approach works for children, young people and adults, it is unique to you and I use a blend of my competencies to empower you to start your journey and reach your aspirations and potential.

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