Personality Profiling

Imagine, you are in tune with your greatest personality traits, you understand how you interact with people and their personality traits to get the best out of EVERY conversation, EVERY interaction, improving team performance, business performance.

DISC Personality Profiling, used since the 1920's, as a tool, helps build non judgemental understanding of our behaviours. I can work with you as an individual for self development or your team to help you grow, understand your best assets and massively increase efficiencies and trust in the team.

There is more info on DISC in the resources section of the website.

The Styles

D Style DISC.png

Are you assertive? To the point and do you want the bottom line? 

Are you direct, strong willed and driven?

This describes the D style

I Style DISC.png

Are you a great communicator and friendly to everyone? Are you optimistic, inspiring and talkative?

This describes the I style

S Style DISC.png

Are you a good listener? Are you a great team player because you are steady, loyal and practical.

This describes the S Style

C Style DISC.png

Are you factual, thorough and focused on detail?

Have you been described as precise, sensitive and analytical?

This describes the C Style

The profile report

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If you want to get your profile report, the process is super simple, you book a DISC profile, I send you a link, you spend no more than 7-10 minutes completing the questions online and your report will be generated. 

When you read through your report, it will give you insight into your style preference, style traits including general characteristics, value to a team, challenge areas, fears and how you are motivated.

Teams working together


Pick your team, get their profiles and a whole team profile.  Work out where your teams' best assets are for negotiation, selling, building relationships, managing conflict, financial analysis.

Instead of everyone doing every thing - think about how you can make efficiencies, increase pace, change cultures.  Yes, everyone has all the elements of personality traits, but they SAP you, what do you naturally thrive at? What do you dread in your work roles? Think about that because if you understand everyones preferences, you can help build and develop a stronger team.

What others have said...

Carl, Head of Service

I didn't read the profile first, I gave it to my Wife. She read it and smiled, 'it is absolutely spot on!

Emma, Director

I've done lots of these types of test before but I particularly like this one, it's simple to complete , accurate and really detailed.

Marie, Director

Fascinating stuff! It's like you knew me! The action planning, coaching and accountability is brilliant in helping the team move forward.


Grab a copy of some of these useful downloads to get you started on your DISC journey.  Take the free test (please remember, this gives you a basic understanding of the styles and is not a whole profile) or if you have been to one of my workshops or heard me speak at an event, you will have received links or copies of these resources!

Click the pic! 

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