Workshops and Training

Planned and bespoke to drive high performance

All of my workshops are planned around your needs - you might like the look of a planned workshop, but want to tweak the content, make it real for your issues - and this is part of my approach. No off the shelf, no sitting in lines in a classroom. These are interactive sessions, in or out of doors to lead to a unique informal learning experience to really make change.  Every participant leaves with something tangible, in their hands and in their gift to make happen.

Depending on your needs, one or more workshops for the same group will maximise the investment you make and therefore value you illustrate to your teams, this can all be discussed with you during a free initial consultation.

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"I really appreciate your facilitation style, it helps to focus on me and think about my role and how I can push harder for better results using the skills and tools you have shared with us, a great couple of days"


Promoting engagement

Remember how excited you were when you joined a new team? Remember the drive and motivations you had when you started in a new company? Over time we can become 'bogged down' by internal processes and challenges of our busy lives, how do we as Leaders foster engagement with our teams? Can you truly say you are getting the most out of every individual in your team or wider circle?

In this half day workshop, learn how to create your compelling leadership vision and mission, take control of your company or team culture and get your strategy off the page and into your employees as a living, breathing energy.

I can take you through vision development to curating and capturing your teams best thinking using well known theories, new ideas and interactive activities.

Ideal for - new and middle Leaders. Use this form to book your workshop.

Recommended to be part of a new Leader's induction.

Change management

The scale of your changes will impact the time for investment in your people. From a half day session focusing on how we as Leaders manage change and how we engage with and work with others through change.

Usually half day workshops; how can we as leaders set direction, work through strategies and ensure we identify and work with all stakeholders to maximise the opportunities change bring? You will learn some adaptive leadership styles, stakeholder management and management of yourself, depending on individuals needs. Come with your issues and leave with a full understanding of your next steps and a plan of action.

Ideal for - Leaders at all levels working through change.  Use this form to book your workshop.

Recommended to be part of new Leader Induction.

Dealing with conflict

Half day workshop designed to give you simple strategies to manage difficult conversations and independently mediate to positive conclusion between individuals experiencing negative conflict in your teams.  The impact of destructive conflict is vast, and is all too often left unchallenged or individuals feel compelled to take formal action or grievances, causing negative impacts to their well being and laying question around your team culture and dynamics.  

Using interactive and live examples, Leaders will leave with a simple six step method to hosting and managing mediation meetings to try to improve teams well being and organisational culture and sustainability.

Ideal for - New Leaders. Use this form to book your workshop.

Recommended to be part of a new Leader Induction.


Planned completely around you - no matter how 'out of the box' or crazy your idea - we can definitely design an interactive session around it to make the most of tested insights methods or group learning activity - formal learning is evidenced to be less successful than informal learning (as perceived by the participants) - using our great outdoors, mixed with theory and self discovery - focused on your strategy - sounds like a recipe for success.  

I can also work with your company policies and processes to build a bespoke induction programme for ALL of your new managers and leaders - delivered either one to one or in groups as part of induction plans.  This will be unique to you and great packages can be designed to ensure your managers are set up from the outset in goal setting, innovation and all of the above!

For a discussion about all of the training, make a call or contact me here.


Who could you be?

Developing ourselves requires concerted effort.

"Making everyday tasks harder is a great way of training your brain. Don't be afraid to be curious, try new things and never allow mistakes to put you off.  Mistakes actually help to grow your brain!"

Matthew Syed, How to Be Awesome

Who Am I?

Change impacts us in different ways.  This workshop works with teams of individuals to consider the impact of change on their own circumstances.  You will think about new directions and options as you work through and past your internal crossroads.  Especially helpful at times of redundancy, consultation or mergers.  

This workshop is well complimented by 'Setting Direction' and also enhanced by 1:1 coaching sessions for participants which can be easily delivered on the same day depending on group size. Participants will come away with a refreshed feeling of direction, plans and digital resumes and career plans.

To book a session for your team, make a call or contact me here.

Ideal for - Individuals across all teams, can facilitate across large group sizes.

Setting Direction

A whistle stop tour of goal setting using the Infinity Goals approach, thinking about the GROW model and using coaching methods, participants will work in a group situation (enhanced by more detailed 1:1 coaching) to develop their work and life goals, what is priority and some steps they can take to understand how their own limiting beliefs will be interfering with how amazing they can be.

Through this half day introduction, I will make your acquaintance with the art of the possible and get you set up with some accountability buddies to see you through 2019 achieving your aspirations and goals. You will leave with a plan and a burning desire to achieve it!

To book either a team or team and 1:1 sessions, call me or contact me here.

Ideal for - all Leaders, Managers and Teams

Recommended to be included as part of New Leader Induction

Service Design

New service? Bid? Merger? How do you go about getting the pitch right, the customer journey nailed?  Service Design workshops help you to define your customer needs, look objectively at your service and design something that is relevant, modern and sustainable.  

We have all heard of 'blank sheet' right? Well we take the hundreds and hundreds (!) of years of collective experience within your teams and devise a model together or either redesigns of services thinking about adaptive and assistive technology, or the expectations of factions or stakeholders and ultimately 'customer' (who ever that means for you) - and we get it into a plan.  The best bit? If I do it well, then you will never need me again as the group involved will have learned all the theories, mapping and project tools needed to revise and review services for the next hundreds and hundreds of years.

The length of support varies depending on the size of the service, one or two 'together' days (camping optional) will see us through to the start of a plan and lots can be done off site if we have our accountability buddies.  Whilst we work in a detailed way, we also work at pace, so don't think we'll have the luxury of months to get the spec right.  We need to be fearless and focused in our communication and work practices.

This one needs an initial discussion - so make contact as quick as you can!  Make a call or contact me here.

Foster Innovation

Can you say with absolute confidence that your leadership style creates an environment where innovation can take hold? I'm not talking developing avatars to take over customer service department, I'm speaking of the truest ideas and energy that is permitted from your leadership style? 

This workshop helps you develop your own sense of trust and courage, your own confidence in being an agent of change and using or building your courage to feel like your team can be truly innovative and creative. This doesn't mean changing everything, this means an engaged, valued team who know you 'have their back' and can come at problems in delivery with ideas and enhanced knowledge that helps develop a learning organisation. 

As you nail the ideas and the theory, you can work on your own strategies for your self and your team.

To find out more and see if this half day workshop is a fit for you, call me or contact me here.

Ideal for - New Leaders, Leaders driving for new ideas, Teams working to think about new solutions

Winner, winner ...

Named so after the famous Chicken Dinner, but also as a nod to some of the most tenacious, self believing mentors I have had the privilege to work with.  One of our constant struggles is fostering self development and self awareness, this is not a short workshop - this is at least two days of your life learning about yourself, your vulnerabilities and putting yourself out there for feedback from your peers.  

Off site and usually in the wilds, this programme helps you to recognise self limiting beliefs and we work primarily on the super highway between your stretch and panic zone, helping you to identify where you are in the process and what you are learning every step of the way.  It's not just for those of us who want to understand ourselves, it's for those of us who want to push and drive ourselves to be better, to win at life, in work or motivate ourselves to inspire those we lead safely.

It helps us define what courage means to us and how we use it to lead, influence and be great and to recognise our greatness - dare to be the brilliant, exceptional Leaders we are able to be.

This course most definitely needs a discussion - there is a right time in the evolution of teams for this programme and I want to make sure it's right for you and your Leaders. 1:1s are included in this course as are a necessity for the holistic success for participants. 


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