Vision boards

Focusing on what you want, bringing it to life - visualisation is a incredibly powerful tool to help realise your life potential.

Goal Setting

Follow my top five tips for great goal setting, step by step information to help you build new habits.

"Whether you believe you can, or believe you can't, you're probably right"

Vision boards

When you start to plan your future life, you should aim to think about very far into the life that you want to achieve.  The life style you want for your retired, future self, because starting with the end in mind means you can build steps to get there.

Vision boards are not simply a way of focusing on your dream holiday destination or ideal home, although these may be incredibly important to you and you might want to include them.

Vision boards work by supporting you to anchor your thoughts and focus into the images you use to represent your goals or ideals.  So if it is a lifestyle of holidays in the sun, you need to be able to really FEEL the sand between your toes, to hear the noise of the sea, to FEEL the sunshine on your skin and choose an image that speaks to you.  Then you look at it, every day, affirming your intention to achieve that feeling.  

At a full vision board workshop I go into detail about anchoring, NLP, visualisations and manifesting the lifestyle you wish to focus on.  We talk about habit forming, goal setting and you can build a board for your future.

For more on goal setting, scroll down, my handy vision board handout from the mini workshops might help if you've come along and need a reminder.


5 Golden Rules for Goal Setting

Before you can starting sticking images and anchoring feelings to your vision board, you need to have considered where you would like to be in future, what it feels like, how you will know you have got there?

It's a fundamental but often overlooked aspect of planning for your life or business, my golden rules will help you - check out more in my blog.

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