During my career I have seen significant losses to people and businesses through a lack of challenge and support for disagreements within the workplace. 

Did you know? The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) suggests that conflict costs UK Business £33 billion per year, taking up to 20% of leadership time and potentially losing up to 370 million working days per year.

If you are a senior leader you will know the business cost to poorly managed conflict and ensuing stress.  But what about the human cost?  

The impact of a stressful environment, or negative workplace for teams manifests within conflict - whether disputes, change or interpersonal conflict and grievance. 

Using a simple method of various steps, an external facilitator can reach a reconciliation or agreements that may be unobtainable utilising individuals from within the organisation.


Putting parties at ease, asserting clear aims and agreement from groups and ensuring communication and summary opportunities are maximised to ensure all parties are heard and feel valued to reach a solution together.  It is not the role of the mediator to think of the solutions, rather they are there to facilitate communication and discussion safely to encourage resolution.

Mediation rates tend to be the same as facilitation - £350 per day excl. travel and accommodation.  As much preparation and feedback is sought digitally and as cost effectively as possible for the benefit of clients.  A three day minimum is usually required.  You can't book this online just yet, we do need a conversation first!


Obviously, timing is crucial to ensure conflict and stress do not overwhelm your teams and cause you further unnecessary losses, to industry or personnel so be assured these cases are treated with priority.