You may be a new or aspiring manager looking to develop leadership skills or be slightly fatigued by change and looking to rediscover what leadership means to you. I can support you with mentoring sessions, tools and theory to apply to your leadership to help you build performance individually and within your team.

Take back control, reflect and discover the skills and traits you are super brilliant at and the learning the experiences have brought you and how to strengthen your position and confidence in leadership.

With three unique programmes to choose from you will be sure to find working with me helps you build confidence, have fun and gain a huge insight into your motivators and potential. Scroll down for full package details, costs and booking instructions.

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Develop a deeper understanding of self to drive your ability to understand others and generate amazing results from your leadership. Educate yourself with new perspectives to transform into the leader who inspires everyone to achieve great results.

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We all remember the amazing boss we had who we aspired to be like right?  The leader and mentor we learned from who guided and inspired us to be an amazing version of ourselves? 

I can help you to learn to value yourself, value others, improve communication with teams, clients and all the people involved in your business or charity.

You will get a comprehensive behaviours and styles profile, increased insight through a leadership aptitudes profile and one to one coaching with me to develop your personal action plan.

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You want to improve your leadership AND you want a greater grasp of your business or charity and commercial strategy?  I am super excited to be launching a powerful programme merging personal insights analysis, business profile and a transformational plan for people who want to start 2021 strong.

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First we build a highly detailed personal leadership profile using two tools; personal DISC profile and a leadership aptitude profile - these highlight your personal style and approach to leading your company or team.

Together we gain a deeper understanding of your traits and preferences, learning and communication styles.  Then we move onto review of well known business diagnostic tools to review your company or charity position, a detailed analysis of your business and we put the two profiles - you and your business together.

Determine your vision, your future and mould your performance to help you reach your goals and improve outcomes for your clients and customers. 

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You have an AWESOME team who have been working towards huge targets, supporting clients or service users or maybe working through huge changes and you want to give them some extra tools and insights into their collective team skills.

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As a team you want to truly understand each other, their strengths, build trust and drive forwards - yes?  No woman or man left behind.

I have your solution!  Using three tools, 1:1 coaching and group workshops we build together one of the highest performing, same page teams you could wish for.

We go deep to truly understand ourselves through profiling and leadership aptitudes, we learn why we make the decisions we do and how the behaviours we use play out.  We will learn what our individual and collective brains look like and interpret a team leadership aptitude and team behaviours profile.