Charity heart, business head

Blending coaching and consultancy to help develop your business - high pace, high energy and performance improving for business, charity and not for profits.



"Would  highly recommend Liz. She has helped me personally and in my business to reach my goals.  Always understanding and non judgemental no matter what the situation."


am I?

A coffee drinking, working mother, fitness junkie, business woman, mentor and general ray of sunshine! I'm all over the country helping charity leaders develop their business strategies, self confidence and ability to be the most amazing, vibrant business leaders and managers they can be.

I am fortunate enough to support multiple businesses, and or charities in both the UK and Internationally. I have a major focus on well-being and continuous professional development my pace is fast, energy is high and inspiration levels out of this world.  I thrive on seeing others succeed - my passion is recognising others' potential and working alongside until that day they realise it for themselves!

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