Senior Executive Coaching

Developing as an authentic leader and manager has to encompass all of the people and task focused areas, if you are influencing the strategic direction and decision making in an organisation or business, you should be able to deploy all these areas of thinking - and then support others to understand these.

We know - lots of Managers haven't always had the investment and support they deserve or need to be in corporate roles - they totally, one hundred percent deserve to be leading, just need a bit of support in the highly complex and challenging environments we operate in right now.

What changes?
Individuals I have worked with have experienced changes in:

learning to solve problems
improving their skills
having better relationships with colleagues
becoming more assertive and effective in dealing with people
have a charity heart with a business head
Teams I work with without fail comment on my pace and energy, plus:
inspiring teams to reach greater heights of performance
keeping teams focused on key goals
developing and sharing vision for the organisations and teams
dealing with conflict
Organisational benefits for you by developing your managers makes a huge difference to turnover, performance, income ... plus:
service to your customer or beneficiary improves
increase employee satisfaction and commitment - happy employees and teams!
create an effective coaching culture in your org
think globally and act locally