Coaching Pods

Every so often I pen up a new round of coaching pods.  This is an exclusive opportunity to come together with three or four other people, usually business owners or charity leaders and we work on a peer coaching model for 4 to 6 sessions.  Beyond those sessions I encourage the group to stay together and you have access to the materials we share.

Week 1: We introduce ourselves, start to build rapport and set up a messaging group.

Week 2: Our leadership journeys: how we got to where we did.  You do the initial exercise before we meet then share any feedback you wish to with the group.

Week 3: Action learning sets - I teach you how to use the Action Learning Theory for collective learning and we use an example to work through from the group.

Week 4: Group practice for another example Action Learning Set

Week 5: Review, take aways, and next steps.

If this would help you in your practice or development this is a complimentary group and all you need to do is complete the expression of interest below.

Our next cohort begins on Monday 20 July 2020, sign up below.