Business Development


Provision of focused support for contracting, sales, growth, mergers and acquisitions in multiple sectors for individuals, charities and businesses.

Business MOT

My biz MOT covers the basics that most of us forget - strategy, product review, costings, market presence, customer and processes. It takes one hour and is one of the best spent hours of your life!


Self development and leadership challenges provided in a complimentary online group.


A key issue for business owners is that of work/life balance. You are all highly motivated and prepared to work very hard for success, but how can I help resolve issues around effectiveness and optimising performance?

Business Planning

Using McKinsey's 7 S Framework I help you to look at the different dynamics and inter-relationships that the elements of your business have to each other.

Ten Steps to Start Up

A simple method for start to finish set up of an idea, plan, financial model, strategy and governance for either a business or not for profit.